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If anyone is going to comic con and plans on asking questions about Mon-El/Karamel or the show in general in regards to it’s failure please keep in mind that your question should be filled with facts that the people responding can’t outright deny.
As in don’t just ask why they decided to include Mon-El. Call it out in question form. Ask why they made him the third character with the most screentime on a show that is meant to empower women all while having him disrespect the lead throughout the whole season to the very end.
Don’t just let them get away with open questions that they can twist to make what happened sound good. Drag them in the question itself. That will put them in a spot where they either have to admit their wrongdoing or excuse it and either way it will be bad for them.

And if you hear someone ask such a question and the show-runners manage to dodge it relatively unscathed treat it as an opportunity to add a follow up comment or question to pull them back in.

Like if they give you shit about Mon-el being a character they could go on a “hero’s journey” with as an answer and they move on to the next person, if you’re the next person then go with something like “But James Olsen is an already established character with an already established foundation for a relationship with Kara. Why not use him as an opportunity to explore a hero’s journey with rather than just hastily making him the Guardian and then making him almost irrelevant or nonexistent for the rest of the season save two episodes? Wouldn’t it risk distracting from other characters and stories to have to introduce a whole new character rather than use one that is already there?”

If they dodge the allegations of disrespect and psychological abuse on Mon-el’s part come at them with cited sources from Domestic Violence literature on identifying abuse and precise moments when Mon-el fits that behavior (that scene in the D.E.O and where he accuses Kara of being a glory hog literally seconds after he just beat the shit out of Brian are two good ones). 

In essence go in like it’s a press conference and you’re a reporter (and not a rabid tumblr user). Be calm, be articulate, be respectful, go in well read and prepared, and give them a full court press they cannot ignore. 


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