Gonna go quiet after my queue runs out

July 16, 2017 at 8:27 am (Uncategorized) (, )

I’ve got a couple of days of stuff queued but I need to hide from tumblr and any other areas of the internet where I’m likely to see anything about what the assholes at Marvel Studios are going to do to Loki next. I knew I’d have to bail eventually. Prolly should have done it a month ago but I was weak.

I wrote a rant about what they’re going to do to him in Infinity Wars, and also how despicable it is the way the glossy journalists keep verbally fellating Kevin Feige as a “visionary” instead of as an “incompetent executive who pretends to be a geek even though he’s never read a comic book or seen even one Marvel movie”. I decided not to post it. You guys have heard enough of this from me already. 

There’s a bunch of stuff in my queue about everything wrong with post-season-1-Supergirl too. And that show was recced to me to comfort me for having my previous fictional crush, Thor, turned into Prince Joffrey grown up (except less intelligent and kind). They didn’t turn Kara evil, at least, just turned her into a doormat. I gritted my teeth through the entire second season in gratitude for living canon lesbians, but I just can’t do it anymore. I can’t keep staying in abusive relationships with toxic canons.

I’m gonna create canons of my own now. They’ll be full of anger. Glorious, righteous anger, hot enough to incinerate the sludge the major studios are trying to drown the entire world in.

And I will not punish my greatest creation for his greatness.

Time for chocolate and then bed.

A lot of chocolate. 


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